Why a Blog?

I’m 39.  My friends started blogging years ago, in the years immediately following college.  Some journaling their adventures in Europe.  Others looking to engage in theological debate. Some write for nationally known blogs.  So why start a blog now? Didn’t I miss the boat by about 15 years? Maybe so, maybe not. Maybe I’m approaching that mid-life crisis age – looking to give more meaning and purpose to my life – certainly a blog is better time investment than trying to buy and keep a Ferrari clean with a 3 and 5 year old in the backseat (if there even is a backseat in a Ferrari).  Maybe I am experiencing delusions of grandeur, that people will come from across the globe to read of my wisdom, hah!

Actually, I believe my purpose is a little more humble than that and hopefully less desperate.  Simply put, I’ve been reading a lot lately.  Reading has become my new hobby, carrying books with me when I get the oil changed in the car, when I am waiting to pick up the kids from school and at night before I shutdown.  The downside to reading on your own is no one to share all the thoughts and feelings that are stirred by intellectually stimulating or emotionally inspiring writings. So, I thought, maybe if I put my thoughts down in a blog, a few old friends or a few new friends might engage in listening to my thoughts and sharing their own.

Hopefully not sounding too narcissistic, but I also consider myself a bit of a teacher.  When I read, I find myself thinking about how I would share my thoughts with others, to encourage and challenge their thinking, especially amongst my fellow Christians and fellow church-goers.  I anticipate building a volume of book reviews that can serve as a reference for my brothers and sisters at church who are looking for ways to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.  I hope that this will become a resource where they can come to find ideas for books to read to learn about the Scriptures or to learn how to apply the gospel of Jesus Christ to their lives.  Of course, I may just throw a few fun books in the mix as well, simply there for entertainment purposes.

If you are looking to engage in some intellectual sparring over ideas or sharing in the inspirations of a good novel, I encourage you to read on in my blog.  I hope you find it half as useful to read as I do to write.